Sr No.Project NameProject Cost (in Cr)
1Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) MSI (System/Portal) 45.35
2Beautification of 04 Parks Phase I0.79
3Beautification of 03 Parks Phase II5.50
4Conservation of manuscripts, Palm scripts, oil paintings and ancient books (Done By Intach0.75
5Solar Roof Top PV On 07 Government buildings & Solar Ro Pumps in 22 Schools2.21
6Renovation of 22 Schools in ABD Area4.73
7Energy Efficient Street Lighting (Phase Wiring)12.43
8Urban Mobility Nodes- Phase I- Hussainganj to Hazratganj (PAN)23.93
9Urban Mobility Nodes - Phase-II- Hussainganj to Charbagh (PAN)22.05
10Electric Bus Charging Stations14.15
11Road & junction Improvement Daliganj (Review)6.68
12MLCP At Collectorate Campus16.87
Modern Police Kiosks (14 Locations)5.87
14Renovation of KD Singh Stadium1.50
15Smart Public Toilet in EPC Mode in 09 Location1.19
16Sewerage - Sewer line along nallaha and strengthening and augmentation of network105.20
17Covering of nallas Drainage Strengthening & Augmentation of Network- Drainage58.72
18Solid Waste Management (NFC/QR Code, Sensor Based Bins)3.80
19Digitization of books in Amir-ud-daula Library5.34
20Health Kiosk ATM- Machine9.80
21Smart Road For 9.48 KM247.91