Sr. No.Project NameProject Cost (in Cr.)
1Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) MSI48.04
2Integrated Traffic Management System93.42
3Smart Grid - Waste Water treatment and reuse at Awantibai 10KLD and Balrampur hospital 760KLD6.01
4Beautifications of parks Greens and Establishing of Open Gyms and Wifi hotspots0.23
5Construction of Lucknow Smart City Office Building. (01st and 02nd Floor including interior work)13.3
6Construction of Charging Station for Electrical Buses14.15
7Road Junction Improvement at Daliganj1.64
8Sewerage - Sewer line along Nallaha and Strengthening and augmentation of network233.96
9Sanitation- Public community Toilets at kaiserbagh0.26
10City Branding (Paint & Sculpture Work , Facade Lighting) With IEC activities23.05
11Vehicle purchase For solid waste management, Mini Tripper, JCB, Truck Hiva, Rickshaw trolley11
12311- Mobile App Solution0.14
13Smart Bus shelters EPC Mode5.94
14Establishing of Open Gym0.44
15Establishing of Wi-Fi Hotpots In Park & public places1.45
16Road cleaning equipment and PCTS Machine7.21
17Refuse Compactor1.49
18Procurement 100 no Dust Bins of 1100 Ltrs and 500 no. 100 ltrs.0.26
19Smart Parking At Chakbust in ABD area30
20Solid Waste Management (NFC/QR Code, Sensor Based Bins)3.8
21Solar Roof Top PV on 07 Government buildings and Solar Ro Pumps in 5 Schools.2.21
22Setting up of STP 1.5 MLD at Haathi Park12.49
23Health ATM + Kiosk Procurement, Commissioning, Installation with Operation and Maintenance of 03 years33
24Renovation Of Schools 5 Schools IN ABD Area with Braille Smart Class in 02 Schools1.09
25Digitization of books & Renovation of Amirudaula Library in Qaiserbagh5.5
26Energy Efficient Street Lighting Phase Wiring12.43
27Development and Renovation of 3 Parks in Lucknow0.64
28Development & Renovation of 04 parks in ABD area0.8
29Renovation of K.D. Singh Babu Stadium1.5
30Dust Bin Procurement 1100 Ltr. 100 nos. in ABD area0.15
31Development of inventory management software for Lucknow Municipal Corporation workshop.0.44
32Conservation Digitisation of manuscripts, books, displayed artifacts of Amiruddaula Public Library.0.75
33Renovation and Construction of Smart Toilet at 05 Locations0.9
34Construction of Rain Water Harvesting System at identified locations within ABD area in Lucknow on Turnkey Basis with defect liability of 2 Years and Operations & Maintenance of 5 Years.1
35Supply, installation, operation and maintenance of vehicle tracking system enabled with Fuel Sensor for Fleet managed by LMC including 3 years operational period.0.75