Sr No.Project NameProject Cost (in Cr)
1LSCL 311- Mobile App0.14
2Lucknow Smart City Office 2nd Floor3.72
3Lucknow Smart City Office 1st Floor5.17
4Interior Work ICCC0.66
5Establishing of Wi-Fi hotspots0.10
6Establishing of Open Gyms0.25
7Sanitation - Public Community Toilet at Kaiserbagh0.44
8Smart Dustbin (100 ltr 500 NOS)0.28
9Smart Dustbin (1100 ltr 100 NOS)0.15
10Refuse Compactor (16 NOS)1.49
11Supply Installation of portable Compactor 16cum- (20 NOS)3.26
12Road Cleaning and Sweeping Machine3.94
13Water recycling Plant (1.5 MLD) at Hathi Park7.10
14Braille Smart Class0.18
15Facade Lighting under city branding3.42
16Intelligence traffic management system (ITMS)91.50
17Smart Grid- Water Waste Treatment and Reuse Awanti Bai (10KLD) & Balrampur hospital (760KLD)7.01
18City Branding0.21
19City Branding/IEC6.76
20Multi level Parking at Checkbust10.00
21Smart Bus Shelter- Civil works6.62