About Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS)

The main objective of this project aims to achieve traffic efficiency by minimizing traffic problems. It enriches users with prior information about traffic, local convenience real-time running information, seat availability etc. which reduces travel time of commuters as well as enhances their safety and comfort.

Due to rapid urbanization and increase in vehicles volume, Lucknow Smart City Ltd. Envisaged to implement Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS).

It will provide greater information to the authorities to proactively manage the ongoing traffic situation.

With ITMS, the overall burden of traffic on the roads will reduce.

Objectives of ITMS Project

  • Traffic Signal Efficiency: Reduction in traffic delays, maintain normal flow of traffic.
  • Improve Journey Time Reliability: Improve reliability in journey times between various locations.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Efficiency to traffic Police by way of extending IT based compliance process.
  • Improve Safety: The real-time traffic monitoring and intelligent traffic systems may prevent accident.
  • Enforcement: Effective enforcement of traffic rules shall reduce the traffic related offences i.e. Red Light violations, No Helmet, triple riding & over speeding.
  • Event Tracking and Real Time Information: Integrated Traffic Control & Command Centre shall enable the administration to take necessary actions based on the type of information
Total Corridors
Corridor-01 Bandariyabagh to pakka Pul ( Mahatma Gandhi Marg )
Corridor-02 Shahmina Tiraha to Dubagga Tiraha ( Hardoi Road )
Corridor-03 Shahmina Tiraha to Dubagga Tiraha ( Hardoi Road )
Corridor-04 Kamla Nehru (Medical Cross) to Alambagh Chauraha (Victoria Street) (Tulsidas Marg - Talkatora)
Corridor-05 Pakka Pul to Itauja Sitapur Road
Corridor-06 Parivartan Chowk to Engineering College ( University Road )
Corridor-07 Badshah Nagar ti Indra Nagar ( Faizabad Road )
Corridor-08 Polytechnic Chauraha to IIM ( Bhithauli Tiraha ) - ( Ring Road )
Corridor-09 Nirala Nagar Mod to Dhyanchand Stadium Tiraha (Kursi Road )
Corridor-10 Bandariyabagh to Mohanlal Ganj ( Raibarelly Road )
Corridor-11 Lalbatti to Gosaiganj ( Sultanpur Varanasi Road )
Corridor-12 Kaisarbagh Ashol Lat to Nehru Chauraha ( Cantt Road )
Corridor-13 Barabirwa Chauraha to Karriyappa Chauraha ( VIP Road )
Corridor-14 Charbagh to Parivartan Chowk ( Gautam Buddh Marg )
Corridor-15 Charbagh to Gol Market ( Station Road )
Corridor-16 Kati Bagiya to Charbagh
Corridor-17 Shaheed Path Mod Kanpur Road to Kamta Shaheed path Mod ( To Faizabad Road )
Corridor-18 Bandariyabagh to Polytechnic ( Lohiya Path )
Corridor-19 Gandhi setu - 1090 to Chinhat Tiraha (Hanyman Road )