Solid Waste Management (NFC Tag, Sensor Based Bins)
Name of Contractor Total Cost Start Date Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (SCM)
M/s Convexicon Software 3.8 6.01.2020 5% -

Salient Features :

The Solid Waste Management platform proposed includes Vehicle Tracking System, GIS, NFC Tag and Volume sensors installed in garbage bins to automatically monitor the status and transmit that information to ICCC. The ICCC in turn should process the data and allow the Supervisors and Operators to monitor the status real time and schedule an on-demand cleanup as recommended by LUCKNOW MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. The Solutions will be deployed in the ABD Area covering almost 50,000 Household Including 7 Wards of Nagar Nigam.

Work Status:

Survey work is in progress. NFC Tag design & device has been approved. Software development is in progress & API integration with VTS is completed. Expected to be completed by 30.09.2020 M/s Convexicon Software Feroze Khan (Ph: 9560600332)

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