Sewerage - Sewer line along nallah and strengthening and augmentation of network in ABD Area
Name of Contractor Total Cost Start Date Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (SCM)
M/s UP Jal Nigam 232.96 11.12.2018 20% 46.2

Salient Features :

Sewerage System & Appurtenant work 200 mm to 1400 mm dia 1, 32,352 m. and construction of man holes. 9,201 nos manholes and Rising Main 700 mm dia DI pipes 700 mm dia = 500 m 266 sensors House Connection 38,649 House Holds Relining of existing Wazeerganj Sewer Gomti Pumping Station (New) - Sewage Pumping Station 1 no.'s and D.G. Set 2 nos Miscellaneous works Rehabilitation of Machli Mohal Pumping Station , Rehabilitation of old Cis Gomti Trunk Sewer Total Dismantling=508763.67 m² and Total Reinstatement=508763.67 m²

Status of work:

1. Work Order has been given on 11.12.2018 to M/s KK Spun India Pvt. 2. 7.8m sinking of CIS Gomti Pumping Station sump well 3. Machli Mohal pumping station renovation work is 50% completed. 4. 12.36 km laid out of 129 km 5. 64 house connections completed 6. 93 M desilting of 600 mm dia for relining completed. 7. Work is expected to be completed by 30.06.2021

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