Beautification of Parks (3 nos)
Name of Contractor SCP Cost Start Date Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (SCM)
M/s Aslam Agha 5.51 14.01.2020 20% -

Salient Features :

7 Parks have been selected for development & beautification:

1. Sanjay Singh Gopal Singh Park

2. Open Area Park

3. Shaheed Smriti Park

4. Sarojini Naidu Park

5. Kulkarni Park

6. Sri Ram Mandir Park

7. Virvar Laxman Ji Park General repairing works of minor structures which are existing in the park have been selected for plastering painting and minor construction works. To keep the park clean, dust bins at regular intervals have been proposed. Benches for seating along the pavement/ paths have also been proposed in the design to make it user friendly.

Work Status:

Work in progress at Open Area Park for Amphitheatre, Pathway & Fountain. Sandstone laying work in progress. Plinth beam casting for railing in progress. Earth filling work in progress. Expected to be completed by 30.09.2020

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