Pan City Development

Pan City Development

Based on the vision outlined, the strategic focus and blueprint for Lucknow Smart City was formulated as a way forward. The plan was grouped under various focus areas and to achieve these focus areas, goals and sub goals were identified to narrow down the projects such that they would translate the vision, address the issues and would harness on the strength and opportunities for the development of city by strengthening and augmentation of existing physical infrastructure.

Several Interventions have been introduced under Pan City Development Programs that provide better Infrastructure, Mobility & Sustainability facilities to the citizens by:

  • Augmenting Public Transportation facilities, citizen safety programs by speedy response to the incidents based on real time data, reduction in air pollution and fuel consumption, hence providing a holistic, viable and effective approach towards traffic management.
  • Provision for a Smart Grid comprising of 20 buildings is proposed which includes Rooftop Solar Panels, Rain Water Harvesting & Waste Water Treatment & its reuse.
  • Gomti Riverfront Development was added as an inclusive approach along with landscaping of parks/green spaces with public facilities is proposed to create lively open spaces.
  • Smart City Knowledge Management Centre One Lucknow Centre is being proposed to facilitate the SPV office and incubation centre for knowledge industries.
  • One Lucknow Smart City Management System/Portal is proposed which would include a centralized backend command centre enabling inter - departmental coordination for efficient governance.
  • Efficient Solid Waste Management program is proposed to strengthen and the Waste Management, Collection & Disposal practices throughout the city along with public & community toilets, roadside & community smart bins & equipment is an important factor in our journey towards making Lucknow a Smart City.
  • ICT for City Bus Services, Citizen Safety and Security, ITMS, Smart Solutions for Existing Parking, energy efficient smart led Street Lighting, urban mobility nodes, smart bus shelters, one unified mobility card are the major components of pan city proposals.

The Pan City Development is an integrated smart and sustainable mobility project framed under broader strategies for Lucknow Smart City Development. In the overall process it was ensured that each aspect was linked to another to crystallize and formulates project, addressing concern of citizen and harnessing the strength & opportunities to overcome weakness & threats. Their implementation would make a marked change in the behaviour and lifestyle of the citizens of Lucknow. The Pan City Development Program takes care of various aspects of Urban Development. These solutions can only be implemented with the support of the residents, as this would change Lucknow in totality.

One Lucknow Management System

One Lucknow Management System is an Integrated ICT that has the ability to provide an impact across all sectors of urban governance, thereby creating a significant efficiency and service delivery effectiveness within government with the resulting impact of :

  • Providing a Better Service to the Public
  • Generating more Accurate Information
  • Providing ICT Infrastructure for Citizen Access
  • Improving Revenue Collection
Smart Mobility stands out among city officials and citizen alike. It has highly visible and has the potential of making a significant improvement on city functioning.
Smart City Management System & Portal
  • One Lucknow Web Portal (G2G & G2C)
  • ICT Operation Centre
Integrated Traffic Management Sytem
  • Junction Improvement
  • Intelligent Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Sensors
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Pelican Crossing
  • Strengthening of existing command centre
  • Smart Parking
Smart City Suveillance Sytem
  • Security Camera
  • Strengthening of Command Centre
Knowledge & Information Sharing Module
  • Services
  • Business Process
  • Information on Tourist Spots & Programs
ICT For City Bus Services/Facilties
  • GPS Tracking Device
  • On Board CCTV Cameras
  • On Board Display Panels
  • Automatic Fare Collection System
  • City Bus Operation Command Centre
Smart City Bus Shelter (With PIS)
Smart Mobility Nodes
Energy Efficient Street Lighting

ICT From Basic to Smart

BASIC (Provision of Infrastructure)

  • Sufficient Public Transport Fleet
  • Improve Road & Intersection geometry
  • Smart Parking Solutions On Road & Off Road
  • Interchanges & Terminals
  • Footpaths & Cycle Track
LIVEABLE (Ensuring Convenience)
  • Integrated Transport System (Metro, Bus, IPT)
  • Pedestrian friendly Encroachment free Road & Footpaths
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Clean Roads / Street
SUSTAINABLE (Effective & Sustainable Operations)
  • Rationalized Routes & Fares
  • Responsive & Effective Planning
  • Timely Capacity
  • Augmentation of Safety & Security Services
  • Effective Operations & Maintenance
  • GPS on Public Transport
  • Smart Bus Stops