Lucknow Prarang
Lucknow : Prarang

Prarang has a unique research methodology which relies on a thorough analysis of each City/Town selected, in terms of (i) the evolution of the City, (ii) what Work/occupations of the people of the City currently work in, (iii)the co-relation between each type of Work & the Natural surroundings & the historical evolution of the City, (iv) and the diversity of the Citizens living in the City. A complete review of Work, Place & Citizenship results in defining a bio-regional focus for the City. Next, a dedicated Researcher & Daily Content Writer is assigned to the City, and Advisors are appointed on a City Council to advise & quarterly review the City Content Calendar used by the Researcher of the City, to create Daily Knowledge & Topical Posts of Global Knowledge, localized for the City & shared daily through social media & the android App.
The selection of the Knowledge posts on different streams/disciplines is a balance that is achieved keeping the bio-regional focus of the location & following a 7 step methodology leading to the eventual Daily Knowledge post. The daily post is tagged & classified into the Citys knowledge repository of Culture & Nature, a 60 section store-house designed to support intelligent retrieval for the future needs of Smarter Citizens.

This 7 step Process has Step-4 in the middle, as the heart of the process : We actually create the content of each Knowledge Post from 3 distinct components - Data, Images & Text ( Books & Digital) sources. The bio-regional focus document & the
City Council advisors then assist in defining the 4th component i.e. Intent , before the content-writer creates the daily post.