Area Based Development

Area Based Development

Addressing the next generation of urban challenges doesn't mean you have to overhaul the entire city. In fact our approach toward making Lucknow a Smart City involves improving resource management by adding connectivity and intelligence within existing infrastructure. All of ours city wide solutions are envisioned to develop clean, green & efficient Lucknow as a citizen centric city with modern economy & outlook anchored in its traditional heritage & culture with a great quality of life. By reimagining the draft of a modern city, we are not only addressing current challenges, but we are creating countless smart & sustainable solutions for the future. In order to truly create the smart & sustainable city, we have to bring an entire system together by integrating innovative technologies at all levels making everything around us smarter & more efficient. The Smart City concept refers to a new paradigm for urban planning and management, based on the intensive use of smart solutions aimed at achieving better cities from a holistic perspective that encompasses social, economic and environmental aspects. As described in the Smart City Proposal, Area Based Development of a city is a developmental scheme professed with two major factors; one is Retrofitting (approx. 500 acres) and the other is Redevelopment (approx. 50 acres) along with Greenfield Development (approx. 250 acres), that has been selected through Desk Research, Analysis, Meeting with public representatives and citizen engagement program.

Smart Infrastructure

The smart infrastructure includes water supply with Smart Metering, Sanitation including Solid Waste Management, E - Governance & Services etc. Further, overall improvement of the pedestrian friendly/barrier free streets, footpaths and energy efficient lighting will support the augmentation of smart infrastructure. Renovation of the old building and structures to revive its lost charm while maintaining the historic panorama of Lucknow. In addition, improvement in social infrastructure is required to improve the quality of life as well as physical facade of the area. Smart & creative interventions, like Awadh Point & Thandi Sadak will help create a centralised recreational space thereby, amalgamating 'Old & New Lucknow'

Utility Improvement & Utility Duct

Basic Utility Infrastructure will be improved by common Utility Duct. The utility duct will be a key component of the area-based proposal to provide a common platform for all the overhead wires to flow in a designated duct. Utility duct will improve the existing aesthetics and safety, easier utility maintenance while providing basic services to all.

Integrated & Sustainable Public/Institutional Buildings

One of the key components of the area based proposal is the self-sustained public and institutional buildings. The public buildings will be enabled with Waste Water Reuse, Rain Water Harvesting and Rooftop Solar Panels - Renewable Energy Source. Empowering all the buildings in the area will help in reducing energy consumption and also provide a platform for revenue generation through transferring energy to the grid.

Urban Mobility Nodes & Non-Motorized Transportation

Urban Mobility Nodes are the grounding elements of the Area Based Development. Some of the features of Urban Mobility nodes are Parking, E-Services, Food Courts, Public Meeting Places, Non-Motorized vehicle availability stands along with micro level traffic interchange points.