Integrated Traffic Management System
Name of Contractor Total Cost Start Date Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (SCM)
M/s Technosys 45.75 04.12.2018 80% 35.11

Salient Features :

Intelligent Traffic Signals & Sensors: Centrally controlled traffic management system to ensure smooth movement of emergency services like ambulance, police etc, Managed & coordinated VIP movements, etc. to improve Traffic Regulation.

Status of work:

1. Total 104 junctions are integrated till date out of total 155.

2. At 30 junctions civil work is in progress.

3. Remaining 21 Junctions are dropped (11 due to flyover, 8 not feasible, 2 on hold due to approval not received from NHAI/PWD)

4.15 RLVD junctions completed out of 20.

5. 7 SVD junctions completed out of 10.

6. Work is in Progress at approved locations.

7. UAT documents shared with vendor. Expected to be completed by 31.08.2020 M/s Technosys Mr Suneel (Ph: 9990969450)

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