About Integrated Command & Control Centre

Command & Control Centre is an incident and emergency management solution for daily operations. The solution integrates, correlates, and analyzes data from multiple sources to create analytical insights and a dynamic, geospatial, common operating picture to speed decision making and improve response times.

ICCC is critical, as it is responsible for processing data or information that is generated from multiple systems, to address a city's needs in the most optimal way, collecting, collating, correlating and analysing data to enhance the experience for improving future responses. In addition, the ICCC will help in integrated city management, thus improving resource utilization, response time and decision-making. It aids better management of utilities and quantification of services, disaster management and emergency response system, efficient traffic management, enhanced safety and security and asset management.

The objectives of the ICCC are

  • Enhancing collaborations between the different stakeholders providing services to the citizens of Bengaluru
  • Provide a common platform for citizen engagement, including integrated grievance redressal/management
  • Improved visualisation of ambient and emergency situation in the city
  • Effective Emergency Response & Incident Management through effective coordination among departments
  • Standardizing response protocol at city level - institutionalization of standard processes for recurring events, issues and exigency scenarios
  • Augment safety and security of citizens and city assets;
  • Improve mobility conditions in the city
  • Support intelligent decision making by making available rich data and information