Health ATM (PPP mode)
Name of Contractor Total Cost Start Date Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (SCM)
M/s Azael Mfg 18 04.08.2020 - -

Salient Features :

SHCs just like any other Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) have access to physician, pharmacy and diagnostics. This Kiosk will have facilities to immediately perform diagnostics that the patient wishes to undertake or else will have the option to connect the patient/visitor to the Doctor (via Tele Conferencing). The patient can also get the prescribed medicines from the pharmacy in the same premises (also a part of the same SHC). The prime focus is always on promoting generic drugs. The vending machine will be pre-loaded with generics while the pharmacy will have stock of 40% generic drugs, 50% branded medicines and rest will be Ayurveda and other health products for sale at nominal cost.

Work Status:

Letter sent to CMO for tie-up with Urban Health Post, Urban CHC & Urban PHC. One location udentified at Dayanidhan Park, NOC to be taken from Nagar Nigam. Remaining locations are being identified.

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