Energy Efficient Street Lighting (Phase Wiring)
Name of Contractor Total Cost Start Date Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (SCM)
M/s Gayatri Ganga & M/s Mesers Shivay 12.43 29.01.2020 5% -

Salient Features :

This project envisages independent phase wiring for street lights so it can be managed from one place. It is inferred that in majority of cases street lights remain on or off when it is not needed which results in wastage of electricity . Phase wiring is one of the solutions through which street lights can be managed effectively and efficiently. Survey work started.

Work Status:

1. Design vetted from IET, Lucknow.

2. Factory site visit done by LSCL & PMC representatives for material (cable) inspection & testing

3. Committee formed for identification of spans where phase wiring is required.

4. Joint survey by committee is started in Zone-1, 4, 6 & 8.

Expected to be completed by 28.10.2020. M/s Gayatri Ganga & M/s Mesers Shivay

Mr Shubham Trivedi (Ph: 9052586000)

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