About UP Dial 100

UP Police Emergency UP 100 official name of the 'Uttar Pradesh Police Emergency Management System'. Police Emergency Systems have been operational in the form of distributed district level Dial 100 systems till now, where public calls police in emergency situations which are handled by Police Control Rooms established at the District level. UP 100 has been established to provide integrated emergency services relating to public safety across the State of Uttar Pradesh on 24x7 basis.

A centralized contact center has been established at Lucknow for receiving all emergency calls directly from across the State, including remote rural areas. The modes of communications at center are Phone/Mobile Calls, Emails & Social Media etc. The UP 100 center at Lucknow directly controls police response vehicles. It is targeted to reach the caller within 15 minutes in the city areas and 20 minutes in the rural areas most of the times.

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This system will be monitoring the police action continuously till the problem is solved. The plan is to have 3200 four wheeler/1600 two wheeler vehicles with GPS system which will be send to the spot for action. The advantage of this ultra modern control room will be easily available to the rural and urban areas and the relief will be made available immediately to the victim concerned. The call center of Dial 100 has a current capacity of 300 personnel.

Benefits to Citizens

  • Real-time situational awareness to take informed decision to travel or not to travel, taking precautions and availability of information to take right actions when affected

Benefits to Agencies

  • Real-time situational awareness, clubbed with automated Workflow management increases departments productivity by 25% as it gives them situational control.
  • Through ICCC and automated workflows helps police prepared and work closely with Traffic Police to maintain traffic situation under control
  • Faster & systematic redressal of complaints
  • With state of the art safety and security systems clubbed with advanced computer vision based analytics and deep learning based algorithms, police can take corrective measures proactively to reduce City crime.

More Information

Up Dial 100 website: http://uphome.gov.in/index.htm