About City Surveillance

Smart Cities provide a better living standard and make people feel safer with 24/7 security. Monitoring these cities is also done by the use of Digital Twins, which connect and monitor the city and run simulations based on the data.

Video Surveillance is one of the main and crucial building blocks of smart cities. Smart surveillance is a new initiative that sets a higher ceiling for the future of smart cities. Video Surveillance offers people more tools and applications to monitor with fewer human mistakes that improves the city's stability. There is more than one component that completes the cycle of Smart Surveillance.

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The City Surveillance monitors citizens through strategically placed sensors around the urban landscape, which collect data regarding many different factors of urban living. From these sensors, data is transmitted, aggregated, and analysed by governments and other local authorities in order to extrapolate information about the challenges the city faces in sectors such as crime prevention, traffic management, energy use and waste reduction. A dedicated command centre has been established by the department of police under the flagship project named "Drishti".

Under the Project Total 280 cameras were deployed at 70 locations across the city in which department of police is monitoring the city through these cameras, also as a part of the project Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras were deployed at various locations of the city and they are used for e-challan in case of any violation of the traffic rules by the citizens.

Benefits to Citizens

  • Real-time situational awareness to take informed decision to travel or not to travel, taking precautions and availability of information to take right actions when affected.

Benefits to Agencies

  • Real-time situational awareness, clubbed with automated Workflow management increases departments productivity by 25% as it gives them situational control.
  • Through ICCC and automated workflows helps police prepared and work closely with Traffic Police to maintain traffic situation under control.