Lucknow Smart City Profile

Lucknow has been selected as one of the Smart Cities under Urban Ministry 100 Smart City Mission. The 100 Smart City Mission was launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji on June 21, 2015. The Municipal Corporation has prepared the Smart City Proposal that will provide smart solutions to the urban infrastructure issues. The approach towards making Lucknow a Smart City involves improving resource management by adding connectivity and intelligence within existing infrastructure. All of ours citywide solutions are envisioned to develop clean, green & efficient Lucknow as a citizen centric city with modern economy & outlook anchored in its traditional heritage & culture with a great quality of life.

The strategic focus and blueprint for Lucknow Smart City will comprise interventions in four focal points namely:
  • Jeevant Lucknow (Liveable): The stress on physical and social infrastructure emerged as one of the threats & it gets strengthened even more. Now it has becomes necessary to provide the city with basic infrastructure to meet the demand and supply gap in a proactive approach. A holistic transformation across infrastructure delivery will be carried out in a phased manner to provide better quality of life.
  • Sugam Lucknow (Mobility): Traffic and transportation has emerged as the major concern, hence resulting as our main theme for city wide intervention. Smart solutions will be implemented in the city in sync to Area Based Development & Pan City Development Programs. Smart Mobility Solutions (smart bus shelters, smart parking solutions etc.) related to the concerns identified would focus on providing better movement of traffic, encouraging walkability and cyclablity for commuters ease.
  • Swachh Lucknow (Clean): Sanitation emerged as another prime concern. Open Defecation, Solid Waste Management, Poor Sanitation, Pollution, Unorganized and inaccessible open spaces emerged as major concern in making Lucknow Smart City. As initiatives are under progress to address these concerns by city Wide Administrations, Smart Interventions on these lies under Smart City in Area Based Development & Pan City Development would help facilitate sustainable Green Solutions. The impact of proposed initiative would result in providing a Safe, Green and Vibrant city level recreational space.
  • Samruddh Lucknow (Prosperous): Harnessing on its strengths of Heritage, Culture, Handicraft, Cuisine and connectivity to encourage tourism by strengthening the support system that eventually facilitate employment (direct and indirect). This would help conserve the city's unique culture and showcase it to the world.

By reimagining the draft of a modern city we are not only addressing current challenges, but we are creating countless smart & sustainable solutions for the future. In order to truly create the Smart & Sustainable city, we have to bring an entire system together by integrating innovative technologies at all levels making everything around us smarter & more efficient. The Smart City concept refers to a new paradigm for urban planning and management, based on the intensive use of smart solutions aimed at achieving better cities from a holistic perspective that encompasses social, economic and environmental aspects.

Lucknow Smart City Proposal

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Lucknow Smart City Profile