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New Mul level Car Parking at Vegetable Market                 ICT for City Bus Services
 & Fish Market at Qaiserbag Crossing                           Project Descrip on: ICT Bus Service shall enable real  me tracking of

                                                               buses plying in the Lucknow city. This system shall also provide data to
 Project Descrip on:                                           Passenger Informa on System on Es mated Time of Arrival (ETA) at next

 Ÿ Project envisages development of new mul  level car parking at   bus stops in real- me. The electronic displays at Smart bus-shelters shall
 vegetable market and fish market at Latus road  at Qaiserbagh.  display the ETA of the next bus, route informa on etc. The passenger
                                                               informa on  will  also  be  available  through  a  common  website  and  a
 Ÿ The  project  also  includes  redevelopment  of  exis ng  market  to
                                                               mobile app.
 improve  the  condi on  of  venders  and  to  provide  addi onal
                                                               Project  Components:  On-Board  Display  Panels,  Automated  Fare
 parking facili es to cater parking demand of nearby area.
                                                               collec on systems, GPS device for tracking of Bus, CCTV On-Board, and
                                                               Bus opera on command centre.

 Smart Road & junc ons Improvement with Pedestrian Infra & Street Furniture  Ÿ It is an ini a ve for implemen ng IT solu ons in City Bus Services.

 Road & Junc on Improvements                                   Ÿ The components of the ICT for city bus services includes Electronic
                                                                  Ticke ng Machine, GPS tracking of Bus, Fleet Management System,
 Ÿ Project envisage road and junc on improvement in   Ÿ B N road, Ashok Road,
                                                                  Passenger Informa on System, web based system for dispatch and
 ABD area for 50 km road stretch    Ÿ Rana Pratap Marg to Lohia path,
                                                                  arrival of the bus. Control Centre for monitoring City bus opera ons
 Ÿ In  first  stage  following  roads  are  selected  for   Ÿ Can  road,
 improvement  Ÿ Charak Chauraha,                                  and planning the route at city level, to improve the efficiency of the
 Ÿ Daliganj intersec on,   Ÿ Rana Pratap Marg to Na on College tri junc on path,  bus  services.  Surveillance  Camera,  and  Enforcement  Camera  and
 Ÿ Rani Laxmibai Marg,   Ÿ Hussainabad road from Nibu park to Hardoi Road  emergency  bu ons  in  buses  will  added  as  a  safety  measure  for
                                                                  passenger .
 The road improvement plan will be incorpora ng Pedestrian Infra & Street Furniture, designated Parking space and
 vending zones and u li es  to provide  smooth traffic flow by reducing point of conflict. The design will adhere the   Ÿ Fast, Comfortable, Safe, Reliable,   Affordable and Eco-friendly Bus
 road safety standards.                                           Transport System.

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