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Smart City Surveillance System

 Public bike Sharing System  This project is an endeavor to make Lucknow a safe and secure city
              by using technology
 Encouragement to non-motorised transport   Ÿ Project involves installing of 280 IP CCTVs, Automa c Number Plate
 Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with M/s Zoom Car India Pvt.   Recogni on System (ANPR), Face Recogni on System (FRS)Video
 Ltd.  for  implemen ng  the  PEDL  Bicycle  Sharing  project  has  been   Analy cs, Mobile Surveillance System, Command Control Centre
 executed. Ini ally the project is implemented on pilot basis in Gom    and Data Centre.
 Nagar area and shall be subsequently in pan Lucknow.  Ÿ It covers 70 junc ons in Lucknow, with a special focus on entry and
 Ÿ Currents route of the project is Singapore Mall to Janeshwar Mishra   exit  points  in  the  city,  VVIP  areas,  and  all  cri cal  and  sensi ve
 Park  via  Husariya  Chauraha,  Patrakar  Puram,  Manoj  Pandey  and   loca ons.
 Gawari Chauraha.
 Ÿ Operator is providing bicycle on rent basis to the users.  Ÿ Automa c Number  Plate Recogni on cameras were also installed
                 under the project in which provision of e-challan has been made.
 This project is an endeavor to encourage non-motorised transport which
 will reduce the air and noise pollu on and also ease the traffic load on   Ÿ Project is in Opera on under Department of Home, GoUP.
 the street of Lucknow.   Ÿ Emergency Call points to be placed in the city loca on (85 Nos).
              Ÿ Modern Police Kiosks (14 Nos): Online FIR,  Card/Cash Payment of
                 Fines Charged by the Traffic Police/LMC

 Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS)
              Smart Solu ons for Exis ng Parking

 Project  Descrip on:  As  a  part  of  Intelligent  Traffic
              Project Objec ve:
 Management, traffic signals shall be made 'intelligent' in
 order to make the traffic flow smooth and efficient and to   Smart parking solu on will provide real  me view to ci zens about
 help police to take proac ve measures and ensure safe &   loca ons of parking lots and availability of parking spaces in the lots.
 smooth environment on roads.   Smart  parking  solu on  will  use  video  camera  based  analy cs,
              parking  occupancy  sensors  or  other  sensor  based  solu ons  to
 The Intelligent Traffic Management will include Adap ve
              determine number of vehicles entering and exi ng parking lots and
 Traffic Signalling, Automa c Number Plate Recogni on
              the occupancy/vacancy status of individual parking lots.
 System (ANPRS), Red Light Viola on Detec on Systems
 (RLVD), Face Recogni on System (FRS), Speed Viola on   Availability of parking slots will be made available through web and
 System  (SVS),  Variable  Message  Signs  (VMS),  CCTV   mobile app media.
 Surveillance Cameras and other traffic Viola on such as   Project Features:
 without Helmet Detec on and Triple Riding Viola on.   CCTV and sensor equipped parking slots, On Board Display  about

 This  system  will  also  have  e-challan  system,  Public   available parking slot, Mobile App, Real  me update of entry & exit of
 Address  system  at  road  intersec ons,  public  places,   vehicle  improve  occupancy,  Ci zen  App  or  Smart  Web  portal
 market  places  or  other  cri cal  loca ons.  Digital   applica on, e- cking with provision of payment for more than one
 Signboards/ VMS will enable Command & Control Centre   mode, etc.
 to  communicate  effec vely  with  ci zens  and  also
              Exis ng Parking loca ons to be developed as Smart Parking – Jhande
 improve  response  while  dealing  with  exigency
              Park, Jhandi Park, Aminabad Park, Bhoothnath Market, Gol Market,
 situa ons.
              Sarojani  Naidu  Park,  Alambagh  Chander,  Jyo bha  Phule    Park,
              Hazarat Ganj with total Parking capacity of 3000 ECS.

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